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DIY Slat Fencing and Gates

The following product is our DIY range, we can 

supply you with all the components required in order 

to install yourself.

Just measure the area you require and discuss with our 


DIY Range Available:

* PA Gate

* PA Gate & Fixed Panel

* Infill Panels

Standard Gate Size is:

Full Opening

- 1235 Wide x 1800 High

(Gate Panel is approx 1100 Wide)

Non welded frame

We can supply to any given size, discuss your 

requirements directly with us


* 65mm Woodgrain Slat

* 65mm Powdercoat Slat 

Frame Color:

Varierty of colors available within standard range


Hinges, D/Latch with upgrade option to a Deluxe Key Lock

The following items will come with a DIY kit:

* Gate Panel

* 2 x Posts at 1800 (or 1 x 1800 / 1 x 2400)

* 1 x D/Latch

* 2 x Hinges

* Post Caps, Post Bolts, Screws 

DIY Gate Kits available from


Options Available:

* Upgrade to Deluxe Lock

* Upgrade to Digital Lock

* Installation Service 

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