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Slat Fencing and Gates

At Fencing Installations, we custom make and install:  

* Slat Gates

- Single

- Single with Fixed

- Double

- Swing

* Slat Fencing

* Slat Infill panels

(panels are inserted in between piers)

* Slat Sliding Gates / Swing Gates

* Slat Privacy Screens

We manufacture to your site requirements. No job to big or small.

 Frames are custom made

Frame :

All frames are custom made, they are treated and powdercoated into your selected colour. Variety of colours available. Match to your existing house joinery or fence colour.

Slat Size:

* 38mm

* 65mm (Standard Size)

* 100mm

Slat Colour:

* Woodgrain slats

* Powdercoat Colors

Slat Gaps:

* Gaps can be from nill to 100mm

installed to your site requirements 

All slats are aluminium, so no painting, rotting or 

maintenance required

Infill Slat Panels

* Powercoat Slats * Woodgrain Slats * 65mm Slat with a 5mm Gap * 38mm and 100mm Slats also available * Create extra privacy or smarten up an area

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